The best laid plans and all that


I was going to get so much done this weekend. So much for all that. Realised when I got to my Mum and Dad’s house that my sewing machine was still sitting on the floor of the garage waiting to be packed into the car. I didn’t get much sewing done at all the whole weekend. Just the one hand pieced block and some cutting out.

I got back home yesterday afternoon and when I started to sew on the machine I realised all my bits were cut out wrong and I was feeling really tired anyway so I kind of gave up. I did manage to finish a really simple block (hand piecing again) while I was watching tv. Really though on reflection I was having a just a little bit of a temper tantrum, however in the end the only one who suffered was me. My productivity was not helped by the fact that I found a new computer card game while at my parents and downloaded it to my computer when I got home, it’s so addictive.

I was a little more productive today and got some machine sewing done.


179 Grand left and right

194 End of Day
252 Four Crowns

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