Breakfast and disappointment


I am not a breakfast person. Usually I make a batch of chocolate milk and have a glass when I get to work and then don’t eat anything till morning tea or lunch. However, after a certain amount of reflection I have decided I need to eat breakfast. Apparently if you don’t your brain thinks you are starving and starts producing natural pain killers, which throws everything out of whack. Which is a pain, because breakfast time happens to coincide with Sartre reading time, so I am going to have to find a new schedule that works somehow. If I am really efficient I can have something ready to pull out of the fridge and eat while I am doing my morning read, but it doesn’t entirely work, I don’t think I concentrate as well.

As for disappointment – well I have been making my own chocolate milk for a while and have started to notice that different types of chocolate behave differently. I tried a different type of chocolate last night and it is really disgusting. The cocoa solids seem to have regrouped in the milk when it cooled. So I am very disappointed. I am hoping that I can warm it up again and it will be okay, if not I have wasted a batch of drinking chocolate. The moral of the lesson is don’t skimp on chocolate. 

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