Well, I am moved in, I have my internet up and running, and things are pretty much starting to get back on track. My house is starting to look slightly less like a bomb has hit. I am starting to get over the virus that couldn’t decide whether it was a cold, a tummy bug or a fever so decided to be all three. My neck is easing up after some idiot rammed into the back of my car yesterday at a turn left at anytime with care sign. I have decided I probably don’t have whiplash. Now I just need to track him down and see if he has insurance. At the time of the accident I didn’t think there was any damage to my car except some scratches to my bumper but when I got home I realised my boot wasn’t closing properly anymore. Sigh. At least I got his licence number and address just incase. 

It feels like it has been weeks since I last posted rather than just a week and a bit. I think looking back it’s a testament to how much I have crammed into the last little while, even if at times I haven’t felt like I have been achieving much. Blog goal wise I haven’t. I have managed to finish one hand pieced block in the entire week, and the only action Being and Nothingness has seen in the last week is me using it as a place mat so I don’t leave marks on my new office furniture.

Nevermind, as I said things are starting to look slightly less stressful. I only have a couple more chores to do this afternoon and then I can spend the rest of the day reading and sewing.

Here is the block I have finished.

91 Georgetown


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