16 May 2011


Okay, I am possibly crazy, but I have started the book again. When I opened it up to start up again where I had left off, it had been so long that I had forgotten what it was about. So back to the beginning. I have to say, after the first 9 pages, it is not any easier the second time round. The problem is that it is the density of treacle, idea after idea crammed in so that there is no space around the ideas. There is no equivalent to this in the world we are used to dealing with, where ideas are split up, magazine style, into small manageable portions.

On a slightly more positive note, I am feeling decidedly less stressed. Last week, I was starting to feel with work being busy, moving house, car crashes and not being well all at once that it was all too much. However, yesterday afternoon I kind of mellowed I was sitting in my new bright and airy study/sewing room, just reading and sewing and I decided what ever happens, I can handle it. I just have to break it down into small manageable jobs and take one step at a time, and it takes as long as it takes to get done. 

Sewing wise, I have been quite productive. This first block had been sitting unfinished for a while. I was missing a small triangle for the corner. I must have dropped the piece when I was cutting it out. So yesterday I replaced the piece and sewed it on, and I had a finished block in no time. 

240 Hourglass

This one I made from scratch yesterday. I have finally got the hang of the odd shapes, though I did have to do it from templates.

261 Indian Hatchet

This one I finished on the train today.

247 Temple Court


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