I am still trying to establish some new routines in the new house. Not sure how they are working. Probably not so good. I was thinking about making one day a reading day, and the next day a sewing day, but not sure how well that would work, because I am really a multi-tasker. I have thought about trying reading on the train again, but am not so sure because it means I don’t have a dictionary, and its hard to take notes (I suppose I could get round that by just scribbling on the book – not sure how I feel about that) but I would also need a bigger bag. The handbag I have is not really big enough to fit Being and Nothingness and my lunch. Anyway, I’ll work it out. I guess the thing is to just keep trying things till I find something that fits.

Did get two blocks done this evening, and have another one cut out and ready to go. Here they are …Okay my next goal after I figure my routine out is to get better at photographing the blocks. These two are actually quite well made. It’s just the photo that is making the bottom one look wonky.

262 Posy Patch263 Tic Tac Toe