Minor celebrations are in order, as I have achieved somethings today. I finished reading the introduction of Being and Nothingness on the train this morning, and I took my car into the crash repairers to get a quote to repair. While there I spotted more damage. I hadn’t thought to look under the carpeting in the boot. You can actually see where the car has started to compact. However, the achievement is that it is now booked in for repair in June, pending approval of the insurance company. So progress is being made.

Sewing wise, I have got to the stage of the book where I need to make templates to make the blocks. So I am getting a real sense of the old style way of quilt making. Making a template, drawing round it, cutting out all the pieces by hand. It makes things take so much longer, makes me really appreciate the invention of the rotary cutter.

So, only one block tonight. This one wasn’t with templates. I made it first, the template one is sitting there ready to sew. I should go sew it now, but I have a quilting magazine that arrived in the mail yesterday sitting there waiting to be read. Procrastination is such a wonderful thing isn’t it? 

264 Crazy loons


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