I feel like I have been working all day and not achieved an awful lot. I started the week off so motivated as well. Now I am just feeling tired.

I haven’t done any blocks. The template one I was working on ended up in the bin, after it went all distorted when I put it together. Might have to try cutting template bits on the non-stretchy grain of the fabric. However, I did get most of a bag made (see left). I just have to put in one side of the zipper, which I accidentally sewed to the outside rim of the bag instead of the inside. That will have to wait till tomorrow. I decided to give up on sewing after my needle broke as I was trying to sew through a too thick bit. The bit that broke went flying off, and I am still looking for it. Will have to sweep up tomorrow otherwise I am likely to find it by treading on it.

The good news is this bag should be big enough for lunch, and Sartre provided it holds up to the weight.


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