I am making speedy progress through the topic of negation (chapter 1 Being and Nothingness). Not entirely sure I agree with all of it though. I am not sure I would equate negation and nothingness which is something Sartre seems to do sometimes, but other times he seems to be arguing that negation arises from nothingness. I tend to think of negation as a purely mental or linguistic concept i.e. the quilt is not round, not here, not red, whereas I see nothingness as nothing, literally not anything. I suppose in a sense you could say that negation comes from nothingness because all of our mental and linguistic concepts come from our experiences of the world. In order to say something is not do we have to have some experience of not? Maybe there is no not, and it is just a function of the pattern forming function of the human brain. I don’t know.

I know that I should try to do some more sewing this evening. I have only done one block, but I am tired. I would like to spend the evening slumped on the couch watching trashy television but there isn’t anything even remotely watchable on. I might have to go see if I can get the digital set-top box to work.

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