Movies, books and sewing


Went to see Thor last night. Which was nice. Not brilliant but enough action and enough eye candy to keep you distracted from gaping flaws in plot, and average performances.

I am progressing through Being and Nothingness slower than before, but progress is still being made and I guess that is the main thing. The last few days I have made my way through sections on possibilities and the fact that nothing can make us act, or not act for that matter, on any of them; anguish arising from this freedom; anguish in the face of the future and anguish in the face of the past and am up to looking at how most of humanity escapes being a complete anguished mess every minute of the day.

Sewing wise, just one block. I have so much catching up to do this weekend it’s not funny, along with the so many other things I also have to do. Having your own house is not a time saver.

292 Wishing Ring


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