More bad faith


Okay, I have a whole chapter to contend with about bad faith. The idea that we lie to ourselves, that we flee from the anguish caused by our nothingness. Sartre dismisses psychoanalysis and the idea of the unconscious self, and I can see his point on that one. If you are lying to your self you have to be conscious of the lie,  you have to make a continued effort to distract yourself from it otherwise it bubbles to the surface. What I guess I disagree with is some of his examples. Some of the things he describes as bad faith I can see as hopefulness. While I can know that the situation will probably end with x there is sufficient uncertainty that I can continue with the hope that it will end in y. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Sometimes we get a better outcome just because we try.

I have another three blocks today. I have been very diligent.


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