Have finished the chapter on bad faith, though how much actually sank in while I was on the train this morning I don’t know. I suspect very little. The chapter finished up with Sartre arguing that sincerity was merely another kind of bad faith. Which I suppose it is if you define sincerity very narrowly, as Sartre seems too, as trying to be yourself. The problem for Sartre is that by trying to be yourself you actually define a self to be, which impinges on the absolute freedom which you have. So, in trying to be myself, I might try to be a quilter but I ignore the possibility of the fact that I have the equal possibility of not being a quilter. Or at least I think that is what he was saying. However, I’d like to think true sincerity is possible without bad faith. If what we are is free and undetermined, if we are being free and undetermined, then surely we are being sincere? I could be wrong, maybe we also have to be open to the possibility that we are not free and determined.

I have plenty of blocks to show off. I have some DVD’s from the library so I spent yesterday evening wrapped in a quilt, sewing and watching DVD’s and trying terribly hard not to have a cold (yes another one, seems like I just can’t get away from the germs this year).


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