Back to consciousness


I have just started reading the chapter titled “Immediate structures of the for-itself”. I can tell you I am only 4 pages in and I am not enjoying it. Consciousness should be a fascinating topic, lets face it everyone likes to know how cool it is to have a functioning human mind. This however, is like wading through word treacle. However, I did pick up several points. We are talking about the cogito (Descarte’s I think therefore I am), and the nature of being, and how you get beyond the instant of the I think to the full complexity of the human being spread across time. There was some discussion of where the arguments of Descartes and the philosophers who have come after him failed to do this adequately, and then Sartre moves into his own discussion of the nature of consciousness (how reflecting on consciousness alters consciousness, how it is both the reflecting and the reflection at the same time). I take it this is going to eventually lead to some kind of resolution to the problem.

As for blocks, I am on fire. I have loads done, a fair few cut out and ready to sew, and I am going to try to  draft up some more for cutting tonight.


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