I cut down some trees this morning. It was kind of weird, I felt a moment of extreme sadness when I cut down the first one, a silky oak, its hard to put a finger on the source or cause. It could just be culturalisation, too many years spend as a tree hugging greenie. The trees had to go though, too close to the house and already touching the roof. I will try and rationalise it by saying that the number of plants I plan to plant will far out way the loss of the trees (is that a kind of plant utilitarianism?).

Anyway, just a short post tonight. I am in the middle of cooking soup. I decided I needed to do something about the atrociousness of my diet and so soup it is, potato and leek. Hopefully all will be well, and tasty, because I am making it without a recipe. I figured how hard could it be, whack in some leeks and potatoes, cook and blend.


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  1. I always feel horrible about trees being cut down, or even radically pruned. I have recently rationalised it as something to do with the amount of time that has gone into making a tree. But it is really something more visceral than that, because it was something I felt even as a small child.

  2. Some tribes in Papua New Guinea believe that trees contain the spirits of their dead ancestors. I have always thought that was kind of fascinating.

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