I feel like an idiot


Okay, this is neither quilt related or Being and Nothingness related but I felt the need to share my idiocy. At the very least it might save a few others from some mental torment. The reason my digital set-top box wasn’t working was because the batteries in the remote were flat. It took me a month to figure that out, hence the feeling like an idiot. I was about to go and buy a new tv with a tuner built-in too.

I’m still trying to figure out whether having extra channels to distract me is a good thing. However, I do have plenty of hand sewing cut out and ready to go, so I might be able to maintain my current momentum somewhat.


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  1. I am sure you would not be last person to think the “box” was on the blink. Its not being an idiot……its a ……ID 10 T. More channels can be good when hand sewing or knitting. Hope you are somewhere warmer than freeeeezing Melbourne, top tem 10deg today. Cheers!!!!

    • Thanks Annette. I am going to give the hand sewing and watching a go, but I tend to get quite distracted by the TV for some reason. A lot more than I do with a DVD.

      P.S. It feels cold here in Queensland but it’s probably not comparatively.

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