It is cold. So cold in fact that I have been avoiding looking at weather reports, or the news, to find out how cold. If I see an actual figure I will probably be forced to admit that it isn’t that cold after all and I am in fact just being a big wuss. How is that for a sterling example of bad faith?

I am justifying my general wussiness in the face of the cold, by the fact that I am sick. Whatever it is, it has been lingering for months now and refusing to be anything in particular. Sometimes being a headache, sometimes a sinus thing, or an ear ache. Most of the time not really being a sickness just a niggling discomfort, with occasional interludes of making its presence felt in a more full on kind of way. But… enough whingeing.

I have been reading snippets. Still on the structures of the for-itself. All relatively boring, and something I find particularly hard to concentrate on.

Some hand sewing has been done.


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