done with the past


I had the best plans for this afternoon because I had to leave work at lunch time to go pick up my car at the crash repairers at 1.30pm. So I figured I could pick up the car, then go get some groceries, and then spend the rest of the afternoon sewing. However, I had to wait at the crash repairers for an hour before my car was ready, and it took me ages to get my groceries, and so I didn’t get home till 4pm and then by the time I had finished mucking around the afternoon was gone. Am trying to look at the positives though, in my waiting time I did manage to finish reading the Being and Nothingness section on the past. To summarise – we are our pasts in the mode of non-being (I am still trying to get my head round that one), the past is both for-itself and in-itself, and in order to understand how the past moves from being completely for-itself to being in-itself we have to look at the structure of the present. So hopefully soon, all will become clear.

Now I am going to make my dinner and watch some tv, but I will definitely do some sewing tomorrow, I will have to because I only have a few completed blocks left in my stash.


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