No philosophising today


No philosophising today. I am still on the topic of temporality. I am getting a little bored with it to be honest.

Block-wise I am doing okay. I have a little stash which I sewed ahead at the weekend, and I am getting two blocks a night finished hand sewing. I reckon I have done just over 400 blocks, but they are starting to get a lot harder so if I am going to get through another 590 blocks by the end of the year I am going to have to go faster.

The problem is I keep getting distracted, with things to knit, books to read, gardening to do etc.  I end up trying to spread myself too thinly across too many things.

I will just keep plodding away at it I guess. Not much else I can do. I will get there eventually. Only another couple of days to the weekend and I can probably spend the whole of Sunday sewing.

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