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Sunday, 31 July 2011


Well, the end of another month, and not a lot happening today. I did a bit of sewing. I have been experimenting with foundation piecing on paper and it is a lot more accurate than my normal endeavours. It does seem to waste a lot more material though.

It is a bit slow going with the sewing because I am going through the book from the beginning and doing the ones I hadn’t done because they were kind of difficult or I put off for some reason. So I only got three blocks done today, even though I sewed all afternoon.

Not these blocks, these are some ones I did earlier.

Satuday 30 July 2011


I have had a very lazy day. Went and joined my new home library today. Which was probably a big mistake, because instead of doing loads of sewing and reading of Sartre I spend most of the day curled up in bed with a trashy mystery novel and a bar of chocolate. It seems to have done wonders for my almost, but not quite, a cold, but I am starting to worry that I am getting a little behind. I am going to have to pick the pace up a little if I want to meet my goal of finishing the book and 1000 blocks by the end of the year. It is the end of another month too so I guess I am feeling extra conscious of time flying.

I did finish one block though today, one that I only had two more seams to sew on to finish, and I cut out another one ready to machine sew for tomorrow.

For some reason I don’t really like the Cathedral window block below. I don’t know what it is it just jars for some reason.

Back to time again


Still on transcendence and it is moving back into issues around time again. Not my favourite topic but there are only a couple more pages and I will be on to a new chapter, so I will persevere.

Sewing – I am still mostly hand sewing. Am really going to have to work on my accuracy though. I don’t know how my paper piecing gets so wonky, but my Arkansas traveller two block barely qualifies as square. I think the problem arises when I have repeated shapes in the same block and when I cut out I don’t cut them out exactly the same size, so if I don’t put them back in exactly the right order it throws the whole block off. 




Am still plowing my way through the chapter on transcendence, little bits at a time. I did however have a light bulb moment this morning as I was trying to deal with stuff about lacks and potentialities and where in-itselfs fit with for-itselfs. The word ontology comes up a lot and it has been confusing me because usually it is used to mean a study of meta-physics or the way the world works. It does however, have a less used meaning and that is when it is used to describe a particular view of the way the world works and all the entities that fit under that world view. So for example if my hypothesis about the world is that the moon is made of rock, all the possible different types of moon rock would be part of that particular ontology. How is this relevant you ask? My epiphany this morning was that what Sartre is actually trying to do in Being and Nothingness is describe his ontology, his world view. All this stuff about for-itselfs and in-itselfs and temporality is an attempt to describe the parts of his ontology and how they work. It doesn’t really make it any easier to understand what he is on about, but at least I kind of understand where he is going with it, and it does raise some interesting questions. Firstly since we now tend to get most of view of how the world works from science and not philosophy is ontology still relevant? Secondly, does it have to be so complicated?




I have been feeling weary of late. Tired and kind of achy and feeling kind of sorry for myself. Today I decided stuff, if I was going to be tired even if I don’t do anything I might as well do something to deserve it. So I took some flextime and came home early from work and dug another garden bed. Hopefully I will still be able to move tomorrow.

A little bit of reading this morning. I am still plowing through the subject of transcendence, looking at the way people interact with objects, and a managed a little bit of hand sewing on the train.


Monday 25 July 2011


Not much accomplished today. Read for about 20 minutes before I went to work this morning, and did a bit of sewing on the train. Had all these plans to do loads of stuff this evening, but now I am feeling tired and snuffly. Am trying very hard not to have another cold with varying levels of success.

I did have three blocks to post this evening but as I was resizing one of them I realised it was probably wrong, am going to have to go find the book and double-check. In the meantime you are going to have to make do with just two, and a question. Do you think animals count as for-itself? I don’t know what Sartre would say about that, he doesn’t really mention them but the defining quality to be a for-itself seems to be that you can tell you are not something. While I know some animals can’t recognise themselves in mirrors most of them would know what is them and what is not. In a sense a reflection in a mirror is not them.

Actually read something


Today I actually got round to reading some of Being and Nothingness. Picked up where I left off on the topic of transcendence. Which is all I have to say about it at the moment. It is a topic that requires a little time to digest I think. I am still trying to figure out where it fits into the bigger picture.

I did get loads of sewing done this afternoon. I figured out that if I turned the monitor round I could watch DVDs on my computer while I was sewing on my machine. Only works if you have not too complicated blocks and a not too complicated DVD, but still it kept me out of mischief for the afternoon. I managed to get through all the pile of blocks I had cut ready for machine sewing. Except the couple I had to put back to recut. Now I just have to go and get some dinner because I am starving.

Saturday 23 July 2011


Feeling incredibly tired for some reason. Not sure why, because I haven’t done an awful lot today. Managed to do some blocks, hand sewing while watching some quite bad cooking shows on tv. Am hoping to get loads done tomorrow, including some reading – which I have been putting off for far too long.


Angst and unwanted gifts


Today someone gave me a bunch of flowers. It was very kind and generous thing to do. The only problem is I don’t like flowers. Not only do I not like flowers but most cut flowers make my eyes itch, my sinuses ache and if my body is feeling really generous I break out in hives. Thankfully today I am so itchy from the new shampoo I am trying that I barely noticed the extra itchiness.

I didn’t know what to say to the person who gave them to me. Is it okay to say thank you I appreciate the thought, please don’t do it again? Please take them away? In the end I just said thank you.

I decided the only thing to do was take them home and put them in the bin because if I threw them out at work it would look bad, and then I felt bad about that because they were a decent bunch of flowers and probably cost a small fortune. It seemed like such a waste and I started to feel bad about being ungrateful.

Then the angst really set in. For me nothing brings out existential angst quite like an unwanted gift. It throws me right in the path of the other. This person is not me. Not only are they not me, they don’t know me or understand me. An unwanted gift brings home the isolation and loneliness of human existence, separated from everything by nothingness. 

The day was not a total loss however. I managed to overcome my angst by overindulging at the Lincraft 50% of all fabric sale. I gave the flowers away to a lady on the train who admired them. She went away happy – and they did come in a rather nice box which I kept, it will probably come in handy for something.