Back and kind of getting into the swing of things


I had all these plans for yesterday which all fell through for one reason or another. I got back from my trip Friday afternoon, and managed to get all my household chores out of the way, got groceries and all the stuff I needed from Bunnings. Saturday was supposed to be gardening and laundry in the morning and sewing and reading in the afternoon, but of course it started raining Friday night and didn’t stop all of Saturday. So I popped out as soon as the shops opened and got a clothes airer, and then spent the rest of the day sewing. Did a few blocks and started quilting my brick quilt. I managed a page of Sartre before allowing myself to be distracted by something else. All up it wasn’t a bad day, except for the cold and dreary weather, and the fact that just as I was climbing into bed at the end of it I remembered that I had forgotten to do a blog entry.

Am feeling kind of pleased with myself though because there was a brief respite in the weather this morning and I went out and dug another garden bed. Managed to get a whole bed done. For the first time my hands gave out before my back and energy did. If it wasn’t for some killer blisters I could have kept digging. Maybe I am getting just a little bit fit, and next weekend I should be able to start planting my veggies.

It looks like it is about to rain again now and the temperature is dropping again so I am off to find my jumper and to do some more sewing. I am thinking that in order to get some of the blocks to the size I want I might have to try some foundation piecing. I might give that a go. Or maybe I will just finish quilting that quilt. I do need something for show and tell for my quilt group meeting on Wednesday.



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