Monthly Archives: July 2011

Chocolate cake


I decided to bake a cake when I got home from work. Mostly because I have eaten my whole weeks supply of chocolate already and all I had left where chocolate chips. I decided they would spread further if I baked them into a cake. Now I have the smell of chocolate cake cooking  wafting through my house. Smells so yummy.

I am not doing too badly on blocks at the moment. I got a couple done last night while I was watching tv, and another one done on the train this morning. I am having a lot of trouble getting back into the reading. Not helped by the fact that I had two quilting magazines waiting in my mail box when I got home from holidays and I am enjoying reading them.


Not being too hard on myself


Work has been stressful lately and I have been putting in long hours, and it was right back into the swing of things today. I know there are probably loads of people out there who work longer hours at tougher jobs, and I am mindful of not making it too much of an excuse, because there are always excuses to be had when one is looking. However, the project I am working on that is causing most of the angst finishes this week, after which I know I will have more time. So I am going to try to not get too stressed out this week if blocks don’t get made, pages don’t get read, or washing doesn’t get put away.  If I am still making excuses next week, that’s another story.

Back and kind of getting into the swing of things


I had all these plans for yesterday which all fell through for one reason or another. I got back from my trip Friday afternoon, and managed to get all my household chores out of the way, got groceries and all the stuff I needed from Bunnings. Saturday was supposed to be gardening and laundry in the morning and sewing and reading in the afternoon, but of course it started raining Friday night and didn’t stop all of Saturday. So I popped out as soon as the shops opened and got a clothes airer, and then spent the rest of the day sewing. Did a few blocks and started quilting my brick quilt. I managed a page of Sartre before allowing myself to be distracted by something else. All up it wasn’t a bad day, except for the cold and dreary weather, and the fact that just as I was climbing into bed at the end of it I remembered that I had forgotten to do a blog entry.

Am feeling kind of pleased with myself though because there was a brief respite in the weather this morning and I went out and dug another garden bed. Managed to get a whole bed done. For the first time my hands gave out before my back and energy did. If it wasn’t for some killer blisters I could have kept digging. Maybe I am getting just a little bit fit, and next weekend I should be able to start planting my veggies.

It looks like it is about to rain again now and the temperature is dropping again so I am off to find my jumper and to do some more sewing. I am thinking that in order to get some of the blocks to the size I want I might have to try some foundation piecing. I might give that a go. Or maybe I will just finish quilting that quilt. I do need something for show and tell for my quilt group meeting on Wednesday.



Losing motivation


I am starting to lose motivation a little bit. I have so many other interesting projects to start, other books to read. Why did I decide to do this again? Something about lacking stick-with-it-ness I think, and pushing my self. Must remember to keep that at the front of my mind.

I am going on holiday next week and trying to decide what I take with me. Do I take the book, or sewing? or do I leave them both behind and hope I come back refreshed?

I tell you one thing, when I am done with this I am going to have to do something about getting fit. I am still sore from the gardening I did at the weekend.





I started reading the chapter on transcendence on the train on the way to work this morning. It is a little easier than the chapter on temporality. It looks like it will be about knowledge and how the for-itself can actually connect with an in-itself, in order to know anything about it. I will keep you posted.

Blockwise I am not doing too badly. Last night I spent the evening drafting and cutting blocks for hand piecing.

Here are some blocks that I finished at the weekend. Its funny, I never seem to notice the threads on the blocks, but they stand out straight away in the photos.

London Stairs


I spent most of the morning in the garden fixing up the flowerbed out the back. It is now almost done. A hedge still needs trimming, and once I do that I have a couple more beech trees to take out. That will have to wait though as I now have so many bags of rubbish that it will take me weeks to get rid of them all.

I spent the afternoon sewing, making a small baby quilt. I had one made up for this particular baby but still can’t decide how to quilt it so I decided to make something simpler. I did some London Squares in batiks. I managed to get the top finished, pinned  and ready to quilt in one afternoon. It has the added benefit of being one of my 1000 blocks –  so two birds with one stone and all that. I think too that this is not something that would look good as a smaller block.

Saturday, 2nd July 2011


I have had a very peaceful Saturday. Did a little gardening, got my groceries, went to Bunnings and then sewed some blocks.

No reading, either yesterday or today. Which I really need to work on, that and my piecing accuracy. I am starting to get a little sloppy again.