Monthly Archives: July 2011

Losing motivation


I am starting to lose motivation a little bit. I have so many other interesting projects to start, other books to read. Why did I decide to do this again? Something about lacking stick-with-it-ness I think, and pushing my self. Must remember to keep that at the front of my mind.

I am going on holiday next week and trying to decide what I take with me. Do I take the book, or sewing? or do I leave them both behind and hope I come back refreshed?

I tell you one thing, when I am done with this I am going to have to do something about getting fit. I am still sore from the gardening I did at the weekend.





I started reading the chapter on transcendence on the train on the way to work this morning. It is a little easier than the chapter on temporality. It looks like it will be about knowledge and how the for-itself can actually connect with an in-itself, in order to know anything about it. I will keep you posted.

Blockwise I am not doing too badly. Last night I spent the evening drafting and cutting blocks for hand piecing.

Here are some blocks that I finished at the weekend. Its funny, I never seem to notice the threads on the blocks, but they stand out straight away in the photos.

London Stairs


I spent most of the morning in the garden fixing up the flowerbed out the back. It is now almost done. A hedge still needs trimming, and once I do that I have a couple more beech trees to take out. That will have to wait though as I now have so many bags of rubbish that it will take me weeks to get rid of them all.

I spent the afternoon sewing, making a small baby quilt. I had one made up for this particular baby but still can’t decide how to quilt it so I decided to make something simpler. I did some London Squares in batiks. I managed to get the top finished, pinned  and ready to quilt in one afternoon. It has the added benefit of being one of my 1000 blocks –  so two birds with one stone and all that. I think too that this is not something that would look good as a smaller block.

Saturday, 2nd July 2011


I have had a very peaceful Saturday. Did a little gardening, got my groceries, went to Bunnings and then sewed some blocks.

No reading, either yesterday or today. Which I really need to work on, that and my piecing accuracy. I am starting to get a little sloppy again.