Back to reading on the train


I am trying reading on the train again, at least it seems to work, even though it means having to lug 600 pages around. Still struggling through transcendence. At the moment Sartre is looking at more temporality, but I think what he is trying to explain is why our experience of temporality doesn’t match up to what his theory of temporality says we should experience. To be honest I haven’t spent much time thinking about how I experience time, or how I experience many things for that matter. I probably need to start paying more attention.

These are the blocks I made yesterday. Still not 100% there in terms of accuracy but I probably need to practice a little more. All my points are cut off.



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  1. Were you by chance pinning patchwork pieces on the train home this evening? My DH reported that he sat next to someone doing this on an East-bound train this evening and I wondered if it might have been you.

    • Wasn’t me I’m afraid. I do some times piece on the train but I was reading yesterday. It is nice to know there are some other train quilters out there though.

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