4 August 2011


Have started reading the chapter on Being for Others. Like always it is slow going, but this one is at least a little more comprehensible.

I guess the basic question so far is how do we know there are other people? The problem is that if you have to base your knowledge of others solely on your experience of the other person you can’t know that they are another mind, they might just be mimicking the external gestures that make us think there is another mind. I have to say I think Sartre is going to struggle with this one, particularly since he has to compete with the mind is brain theory. Modern brain scans would I think give you a pretty good indication that there is a functioning brain and hence you can know you have another mind. I guess the other problem is that Sartre wants to say that having other people around actually changes the underlying structure of us. He hasn’t gone into too much detail on it yet, but I will keep you posted if he comes up with anything good.


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