Thinking about how I think


All this reading about how, or if, we know there are other consciousnesses out there has got me thinking about the way I think. The truth is I don’t think I have ever had the thought ‘that’s another consciousness’, but then I don’t think I have had a thought along the lines of ‘that’s a table’ either. If you stopped to think about it then you would say yes that’s a person or a table, but most of the time we just assume so much knowledge in our daily interactions with the world. Perhaps there is a point as a child when we don’t take such things for granted, however if that is the case it is before my memory starts.

Sartre at the moment is discussing the work of Hegel who apparently thought that we know there is another consciousness present because somehow the other consciousness affects our self-consciousness. I’m not entirely sure I understand the argument for how that works.

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  1. Wow: quilts and philosophy, all in one blog! I’m with Hegel here. Even if you sit in a room with your eyes closed you can sense some
    one else there. The more quiet time you spend getting to know your inner self, the more honed your response to other consciousnesses, too.
    Thanks for this lovely post: lots of questions…..

    • I know lots of questions. Way more questions than I have answers for.

      Perhaps the reason that the more you know your self the more you respond to other is down to presence. I.e. in order to know yourself you actually have to pay attention, to be present to yourself and a side affect of that is that you are more present to others and the world as well?

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