9 August 2011


I had another first last night. I sewed a block, then watched some tv and then I came and sat down at my machine and sewed another block. Usually once I get sat down in front of the idiot box I am there for the evening, so this is a bit of a step forward. However, not too much of a celebration since I didn’t do any reading on the train this morning. Too blurry headed after a night of no sleep (no particular reason, sometimes I just get like that).

I’m hanging out for next week when I have three days off work, next to a weekend too, so hopefully will be able to get loads of catching up done.

For now, you’ll have to make do with the two blocks I finished last night. I had a bit of trouble with the goose in the pond block. It was original meant to be 15 inches, but I am trying to make the rest of the ones I do either 10 inches or 5 inches, but I am still struggling to draft blocks where I have to get three bits into a 2 inch square. So the three bits are not equal as they are meant to be, but I don’t think it looks too bad.


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