Thursday 18 August 2011


Progress is being made sort of. Yesterday was a very strange day. I ended up not doing any sewing for one reason or another, but I got lots else done, and I am feeling quite proud of myself because I have been reading quite a bit, and for the most part it actually seems to be making sense, even if I don’t agree with most of it. I am not sure about Sartre’s idea that the look of the other changes the structure of my being, but then I’ve never really felt a great deal of connection with other people, so it could just be me. I think the problem is that while I understand the general gist of the argument I haven’t actually had one of those moments where I go ‘aha – that sounds true’.

Managed to get a fair bit of sewing done today too, and I am starting to feel like I am getting some of my energy back, despite rainy, cold and headachy start to the day.  Loads more to do though.


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