More looking


For some reason I thought it might be a good idea to spend half an hour a day after work pulling up weeds in my garden. Probably because I need loads more exercise, and because I have loads and loads of weeds. Now everything aches from all the bending down, and I got bitten by mosquitos too. I did manage to pull a fair few weeds though. If I keep it up for a couple of weeks I might just be able to get all the weeds out of my lawn.

I am still plodding along with the book, still not convinced about the look. Sartre concedes that the look does not 100% prove the actual existence of the other as an object, but only the existence of the looker, who may or may not be real. I’m not sure what good that does in the long run. 

Some sewing done. I got a little bit done by hand today on the train and some last night watching tv. I am still trying to figure out how my english paper piecing can go so completely out of whack. I think I might just have to be more careful with my drawing/drafting.


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