Saturday 27 August 2011


I have still not done any reading, only bits of hand sewing, and I just spent far too much money buying a new printer, and a thingy to download my photos to my computer.

Cold and rainy here. Well, rainy anyway. It is not that cold. So I haven’t even got much gardening done.

On the plus side I have done a fair bit of cutting out, and I now have a new printer. Will come in handy as it is a fair bit easier to resize blocks by computer than it is by hand. 

Now I need to go bake something for a baby shower I am supposed to go to tomorrow. Not sure what I am going to do yet. If the host is gluten intolerant do you think it is rude to bake something she can’t eat? Probably. I do have some gluten-free flour so may be able to make do, but wheat is in the most surprising of things. I was going to make my jaffa pie, but jaffas are out too.


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