Vegetables are a lot of work


I had such a plan for this evening, I would whip up a minestrone soup with all my left over vegetable and then get on with my evening. I keep forgetting how much work fresh vegetables are. What with the peeling, and chopping and such. I was so busy chopping I missed the show I wanted to watch on TV. At least I should have enough soup to last me for lunches for the rest of the week.

I am making a steady pace of the reading. At the moment the book is looking at ideas about how we know about our own bodies. Sartre’s general idea seems to be that we know they are the is a relationship of instrumentality in the world that refers us back to ourselves. By relationship of instrumentality I mean that things refer to other things because of their uses. So a needle leads us to a thread, a hammer to a nail etc. All of which eventually leads us back to us.

Blocks, I am doing okay too. Got quite a bit done today on the train. But I did have a really easy block – the spider’s web one.


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