Penetrating the fog


My plan for this morning was to sit in bed and catch up on my reading, but after half an hour reading the same line and then getting distracted I decided I was just too foggy headed and my time would be better used elsewhere, so I decided to come and update the blog instead. My brain is not helped by the fact that we have had a cold snap overnight and it is now back to very cold. I am starting to think that having the top of your head at a different temperature to your body, which is wrapped in blankets, while you sleep can’t possibly be good for your brain in any way.

I have blocks. I am starting to get into the curved blocks, which is a bit of a learning experience. I am finding that in some cases it is easier, particularly when you are working with really little bits, to applique the curved shape onto a background square. And your background square should ideally be fixed to something so it doesn’t distort.



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