I think I broke my lawn mower


I think I broke my lawn mower. Every time I press the start button it just makes these little whimpers and then stops. In a fit of hopefulness I have decided it may just have overheated and if I put it back in the shed and try again next week it might behave a bit better. We shall see, I’ve probably blown the motor by mowing too much in one go. I might have to go to Bunnings next weekend and get one of those mechanical ones where the pushing makes the blade turn. I know I should just fork out some cash for a decent petrol one, it would make mowing the lawn so much quicker and easier but, despite being a reasonable mechanically savvy person, I just can’t get them to start. I put it down to having short arms. I just can’t pull the starter cord out far enough in one big pull.

I haven’t done any reading today but I have done a fairly reasonable amount of sewing. I am just trying to decide whether I should start back at the machine sewing again or whether I want to plonk myself down in front of the TV with some hand sewing. Definitely erring on the side of TV, all the mowing has worn me out.


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