Second Attitude towards others


According to Sartre the first attitude towards others is love. The second is indifference, desire, hate, sadism. On reading the chapter title I thought it was a little strange to throw all that in together, but thankfully he is actually breaking it down into separate parts and not making desire and hate the same thing. First up is indifference which he sees as ignoring the power of the other, seeing others as just functional objects in the world, pretending they can’t affect me (where affect means to alter the structure of being). He says this is bad faith, which I suppose it is if you are adopting an attitude of indifference in order to hide from the truth, but I can’t help wondering whether it is possible that some people are indifferent by nature, they aren’t hiding from anything, or fleeing from themselves, that’s just the way they are. 

I think there is a problem with taking ones own world view and assuming that everyone thinks exactly the same, or that there are a specific limited number of attitudes we can take. Though it is probably equally problematic to assume that everyone is different.

At least sewing was kind of easy tonight. Though there was a small amount of unpicking. And… I think I have fixed my lawnmower. Well not fixed it, but I know what is wrong with it. It just needs new blades. They have gone kind of wonky, and aren’t throwing the grass clear, so everything is getting clogged with grass. Should hopefully be able to get some new blades at the weekend. Probably should stop mowing over big branches from now on.

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