Sorting out attitudes


No blocks tonight I am afraid. I have two half-finished ones but none ready to be photographed and displayed. I am worried I am starting to mentally write off this week in terms of sewing because I know I have house guests coming Friday night, and I’m probably not going to get much done over the weekend. I think I’m falling into the trap of all or nothing thinking mentality, if I can’t do twenty blocks this week I might as well do none and start again on Monday. What I really need to start thinking is that if I only do five, it’s better than nothing.

While sewing is dismal I have however accomplished many other things, a trip to bunnings, cleaned my house, and put a batch of brownies in the oven. I am also getting my head around attitudes. I was getting slightly confused with the idea of love, indifference etc being attitudes, because I was thinking of attitudes as psychological positions. Sartre seems to be talking about attitudes as a more fundamental expression of the self. He uses the term modes of being. 

Now off to get my brownies before they burn.


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