Jacob’s Ladder


Not much progress. Only one block to show and no reading. I spent my reading time this morning putting together my new hand push lawn mower. The plan was to finish mowing the last bit of lawn after work today, but I didn’t end up getting home before dark. And not a lot of sewing done because I was reading a work report on the train. Never mind, will try to get back on track for tomorrow.

The block I have is called Jacob’s ladder. Makes me wonder who Jacob was. I vaguely remember there being a Jacob in the bible but can’t recall whether he had a ladder. I suppose I could google it to try to find out, but there is probably some really mundane explanation for it, and it is more fun imagining.

471 Jacob's Ladder



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  1. It was in the bible, Jacob had a vision of angels going up and down a ladder to heaven. Not mundane at all. I probably remembered it wrong, butt hat’s the gist of it.

    thanks for posting the beggar’s block. I’ve always wanted to see a real one. It’s something I’ve always wanted to experiment with,but I keep doing other things instead. Like your blog, and good luck with Jean Paul.

    • Thanks, its been a while since I’ve had a read of the bible, probably not since high school religion classes. Maybe I should read that next.

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