Monthly Archives: October 2011



Sorry I have no blocks to show off today. I have one half machine sewed and one half hand sewn. Tons cut out and a little bit of reading done. Work is wearing me out. They keep extending me in this new job, but the end is definitely in sight. They have appointed someone else and they start in two weeks time, so celebrations are in order, but will wait until they actually start just in case.

cutting out


Not much going on here. Its hot and I have spent most of the day cutting out. So I am feeling just a little bit grumpy, especially since I know I am going to have to do more tomorrow. I am going on a quilt retreat next weekend and I want to have loads of blocks cut out and ready to go so I don’t have to take my cutting mat and rotary cutter and loads of other bits and bobs.

I did go to the shops earlier. I spent way too much money considering I only went out for some fusible web. I may have to go on a frugality drive before Christmas.

Are we free to be not free?


Are we free to be not free? Sartre thinks not. He thinks that freedom is inherent to existence. I’m not sure that I know what to think about that one. Surely you should be able to choose not to be free? However, if all our decisions have to be made over and over again in every instant, as Sartre suggests they do, then we have to be perpetually choosing our non-freedom and are therefore at every moment free to choose. It’s kind of like compulsory voting I guess. You can choose to make donkey votes if you want, but you still have to choose that every time.

not reading


Haven’t been doing any reading. I keep waking up way too early in the morning and I can’t get back to sleep so I get up and sew, usually through my reading time. Am feeling pretty worn out from no sleep too. Might have to go to bed really early tonight.

Sad end to the day


I got home this afternoon to find a pile of quilting books and wadding by my back door. No note or anything but a couple of missed calls from my brother on my phone. So I called him. Turns out the stuff is from my sister-in-law’s mother. She has cancer and has been cleaning out her things, getting her affairs in order I guess, and she wanted it to go to someone who would use it. I can’t decide whether it is admirable that she doesn’t want to leave stuff behind for other people to deal with, or incredibly sad that she possibly feels like she has to do this, that she can’t just leave other people to take care of things, even now. I am a little melancholy now, thinking about my own mortality and the pain that her passing, when it comes, will bring to my sister-in-law and her family.



I was going to try to squeeze in a half hour of gardening when I got home, but I was way too late and it was already getting dark. On the plus side there was the most amazing sunset and I got the best of it as I was walking home from the train station.

Just a quick post because I have been at work for far too long today and my brain is starting to turn to mush.

I have started on the new chapter about acts. Haven’t got far into it but it seems that the general gist is that in order to be able to say that an action was done freely you have to understand what constitutes an act, which kind of makes sense. I have a suspicion it will get much more complicated very shortly.

Sewing wise… I have a bunch of log cabin blocks to get through and I have started doing them by foundation piecing. I find they are much easier to keep straight if you do it that way.

Haven’t fallen off the edge of the world


I have been really slack about posting this week, but things have been a little crazy and hectic what with work and quilt group meetings and family stuff and of course I had to squeeze in a visit to the craft fair. As usual I spent way too much money but did do some very interesting classes. Once I am done making quilt blocks I will have plenty to experiment with.

I haven’t started reading the new chapter yet, but I have been getting in a bit of sewing. Plus I am a little bit proud because I harvested my first lot of veggies this morning. There aren’t many of them, just some peas and carrots, but will go nicely with the shepherd’s pie I want to make for tea.