36c an hour


I have to confess that I have a rather naughty habit. I leave my iron on. Not by accident, on purpose when I am sewing. I do a round of seams then I press, and rather than wait for the iron to heat up every time I just leave it on. Sometimes its on pretty much all day. Anyway, thanks to the joys of my new electricity monitor I now know that habit is costing me 36c per hour. I can’t believe it’s that much. If you ever needed an excuse not to iron your clothes. This monitor is going to turn me into a complete miser. I am already considering converting to a raw food diet because I now know how much the stove costs to run. At least TV and internet is reasonable cheap.



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  1. Helen,
    I leave my iron on all the time, but it does turn itself off…but I suspect it still uses power, as the handle has a certain warmth to it. Maybe I should really get myself a climate smart checkup… we do use a lot of power at my house! 😦

    • It is definitely worth getting the climate smart people round. I think you get your money’s worth just in light bulbs. I don’t use a lot of power, but I figure the less I spend on running my house the more money I have for doing fun stuff.

      Are you going to the craft fair next weekend?


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