Christmas already


I bought the last of my Christmas presents today. I know it is only October but… I have been doing higher duties at work and have some extra money. I decided that I would use it for the Craft Fair (which is this weekend) and also for Christmas. Then I realised I had better get the Christmas presents before I go to the fair because otherwise there won’t be any left.

Other than that I am having a fairly miserable week. Everything aches cos I mowed the lawn at the weekend, work has been fairly atrocious and I haven’t been doing anywhere near enough sewing. However, it is starting to look up. I only have one and half more weeks at this job I have been doing, I just baked myself a batch of cookies (chocolate chip), and some fabric I ordered is sitting at the post office waiting for me to pick up. Don’t know why they didn’t just leave it on the door step like they usually do, and of course they have taken it to the post office that doesn’t open on a Saturday, but never mind. I might have to skip off work early tomorrow so I can get there before it closes.

Now I just have to go order my groceries, and cook some pasta for tea and all my chores are done, and I can sit down in front of the TV with some hand sewing.


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