I was going to try to squeeze in a half hour of gardening when I got home, but I was way too late and it was already getting dark. On the plus side there was the most amazing sunset and I got the best of it as I was walking home from the train station.

Just a quick post because I have been at work for far too long today and my brain is starting to turn to mush.

I have started on the new chapter about acts. Haven’t got far into it but it seems that the general gist is that in order to be able to say that an action was done freely you have to understand what constitutes an act, which kind of makes sense. I have a suspicion it will get much more complicated very shortly.

Sewing wise… I have a bunch of log cabin blocks to get through and I have started doing them by foundation piecing. I find they are much easier to keep straight if you do it that way.


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