Monthly Archives: November 2011

Doing okay


Last night when I went to bed with only 2 blocks finished I thought I was doing really badly, but a bout of insomnia had me awake at 5am and so I thought I might as well get up and do some sewing. Got another 2 blocks finished and then two more on the train. Didn’t get any reading done, but all up going okay. Except for the heat, at least I get to work in air conditioning for most of the day. I am getting very soft in my old age. 35 C never used to bother me.



More freedom


Am plodding along. Trying to be patient, and slowly getting through blocks and the topic of freedom. At the moment Sartre is going through all the potential obstacles to freedom and attempting to explain why we are still free in the face of them. So far we have looked at the world, and now am on the topic of others. Not so much others physically restraining us from being free but other constraining us by imposing meaning on the world before we get to it. For me this is the doozy. Can we escape our upbringing, our culture? We are free because we choose ourselves, but what if the self we choose is the self that our upbringing tells us to be?

Not going as fast as I would like


I am have got nowhere near as much done as I really wanted to this weekend. Partly because I decided I should save all my already cut out blocks for sewing during the week when I had less time, so I have been cutting as I go. Also because I keep getting distracted and going off and doing other things. Still can’t complain, I have probably got more done than I would have done otherwise.  I have also got a fair bit of reading done today. Now, I am off back to the air conditioner.

new fabric


I haven’t done any reading. Though I am starting to be surprised how much the reading I have done is starting to inform my thinking. I am starting to see the world less as a fixed thing and more a project of my own making, to see perspective as everything. For example I got new fabric yesterday, and I was actually excited as I was making the blocks. Thinking up new ideas for quilts, ways I could lay them out etc. I haven’t done that for a while. I would have been making exactly the same blocks with the old fabric, the only difference is perspective. It seems more different than it should for such a small change. Possibly it is because I actually like these fabrics more than the ones I have been using, though there is more yellow than I would usually put in a quilt it actually goes really well with the blue and the pink. The thing is I wouldn’t have thought about it before just gone with the flow, and it gives me some scope to understand how I can make the next lot of blocks I have to make a lot more fun.

Long weekend


I swore one of the things I was going to do on my three days off was catch up on some sleep, yet here I am wide awake and have been for about an hour now. Might have to schedule in an afternoon nap. 

My plan was to just stay home the whole weekend and sew, but I did a load of cutting out last night and realised that I need  to go buy some new material. I am down to a load of pieces, none of which goes with any of the other pieces. So it is either go buy more material or make a load of really ugly blocks. Though I am not sure whether my need for more material is actually a need for more material or due to the fact that there is a new spotlight opening up nearby and they have a sale on. Might be nice to go have a look and see if they have a better range than my local one. Or should I make a trip to a patchwork shop a bit further off which I have never been to before? That’s the trouble with time off, so many possibilities and never enough time (or money) to explore them all.





Feeling slightly insane right now. It is not really hot, only about 26 degrees centigrade but the humidity is sitting around 80%. And I just came home from work and baked a batch of cookies and cleaned my entire house. That has to be the definition of insanity right? Persisting in manual labour when you should be doing something delicate while sitting in front of the air-conditioner. There is however some method to my madness. I have Monday off work and my plan is to spend the entire 3 day weekend sewing. So I thought I would get my cleaning over and done with now, so I have no excuses for getting distracted on the weekend. None that is except for the fact that I need to weed my garden, but it is supposed to rain all weekend and even I am not mad enough to weed in the rain.



Just a short post today, because there is a storm coming and my internet never works very well when it is raining. So all you are getting today is blocks.