Foundation pieced diamonds


 I just moved my sewing machine onto the dining table, so I can sew in air-conditioned comfort. 31 degree days and a tin roof mean the sewing room has been getting unbearably hot, and because it is in the middle of the house it seems to cool down last of all the rooms when I get home from work and turn on the fans and open the windows. The room looks kind of bare now, because of course when I moved the machine I decided I also had to take the ironing board and iron and my cutting mat as well.

I have been working on some foundation pieced blocks. Printing the pattern on to paper and then foundation piecing on to it. The problem is they are diamond-shaped when finished, so won’t really go with any of my other blocks. I am wondering how I can use them when I am ready to put all my blocks together. I might be able to applique them on to a square. They are actually quite quick and easy to put together so I guess I could always make more blocks and make a cushion or a table runner.


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