Still on freedom


Still reading about freedom. As usual I am not 100% sure I am understanding all his arguments, but I think the general gist is we are still free even though we might think we are constrained by others. Sartre’s general concept of freedom seems to be that we are free to create meaning in the world. The problem arises when we come across meaning in the world that has been created by others for example culture and language. The bit I am reading is discussing ways around that, but I guess he is probably going to say that we are still free in spite of these limitations on us. The good news is that I now only have 100 pages to go, so not doing too badly on the reading front.

My blocks aren’t going anywhere near as well. I only got 4 done yesterday, and that’s pretty average for a Saturday. I did get loads of cutting out done though, so I suppose that’s a bonus.


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