27 January 2011


Am back, and struggling to get back into things. It has only been 2 hours though, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself.

I did finish reading Being and Nothingness while I was away. I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say about it, but I don’t. The end was a kind of anti-climax. I was for hoping for something in the conclusion that would tie everything back together and then everything would make sense, but there wasn’t and I am just feeling a little unsure about the whole thing.

I am trying not to stress about it too much and instead trying to focus on what I have left to do. 104 blocks. I really need to have a mammoth cutting out session tonight, which I am not really looking forward to. I am trying to resist the temptation to write the rest of the day off and go have a nap.



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  1. Great progress, the blocks are looking really good. Which book are you using as a reference? You’ve probably mentioned it in your blog, but I haven’t read the post that mentions it.

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