Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Had a really good sewing day yesterday. Actually got a lot done and am starting to think that it may be possible to get it all done by 31 December if I can keep this momentum going. Am off now to get stuck into some more sewing.

Saturday and its raining


I was hoping for a sleep in this morning, but I was awake at 5am. The rain woke me up, and it has been raining fairly steadily ever since. It never used to bother me really, but ever since the flooding last year every time it rains I have in the back of your mind that it could happen again. I guess there is no point worrying about it until it does.

Not much happening here really, I have been reading but none of it is really sticking in my head, or standing out as really pertinent when I read it. Still on the topic of freedom and now looking at the role death plays.

I am starting to feel a little less tired, I had a big bowl of pasta for the first time in ages Thursday night and I perked right up, so I figure I haven’t been getting enough carbohydrates. I got loads of cutting out done last night and so am hoping to get a lot of blocks done today. Might have to make an excursion to the shops at some point to get some bread and need some new clothes for a trip away over Christmas. All my casual clothes at the moment seem to fall into either winter, or never be seen outside the house in categories. More importantly I also need to start preparing some sewing for the trip.

Thursday 8 December 2011


Am trying not to feel frustrated at myself at my lack of progress.  I am still doing quite a bit. I sew in the mornings and on the train, and I have been reading pretty much every morning, it’s just when I have gotten home from work the last couple of days I have just felt so exhausted that I haven’t been able to bring myself to do anything. I think I just need to give myself permission to nothing. In a couple of days I will be over it, bored of doing nothing and impatient to get stuck into things again.



Not much happening here. I tried reading this morning but after reading the same two lines about 10 times and still not really having read them I decided to abandon them in favour of some pre-work sewing. Just looked at the block I did and realised it will have to go back to being unpicked. Nevermind, I have another 3 that I finished last night and 1 I finished on the train for you to look at. Hopefully a good nights sleep will get me back on my game.

 Anyway, enough whinging, I am off to order my groceries and bake some chocolate chip cookies for a christmas party I am going to tomorrow night.


machine applique


Am trying to remember why I started this journey again? I think I wanted to learn stuff, and I certainly have been. For one I now almost have machine applique mastered, which is not something I could do before. Now I just have to take a bit of extra time and make sure I fuse everything down where it is meant to go instead of having everything going off at random angles and I should be right.

Other than that just trying very hard not to get stressed by impending deadlines, and nowhere near enough done.

Still on freedom


Still reading about freedom. As usual I am not 100% sure I am understanding all his arguments, but I think the general gist is we are still free even though we might think we are constrained by others. Sartre’s general concept of freedom seems to be that we are free to create meaning in the world. The problem arises when we come across meaning in the world that has been created by others for example culture and language. The bit I am reading is discussing ways around that, but I guess he is probably going to say that we are still free in spite of these limitations on us. The good news is that I now only have 100 pages to go, so not doing too badly on the reading front.

My blocks aren’t going anywhere near as well. I only got 4 done yesterday, and that’s pretty average for a Saturday. I did get loads of cutting out done though, so I suppose that’s a bonus.

not a real post


I’m not doing a proper post tonight. I am just too tired, but thought I’d better stop in and put up the photos of the blocks I am doing. That way at least I have the incentive to go make some more.