never ending


I am starting to feel like that guy from the Greek myth, I think it was Sisyphus, the one who had to keep rolling the same rock up the same hill for all eternity. I spent all yesterday cutting out, but every time I checked I still had ten more blocks to do. So probably the analogy with the Greek myth is not completely apt, if someone was coming in and un-sewing all my blocks while I was asleep perhaps I would have cause to complain. I think the problem more has to do with rounding errors in my original calculation of how many I had left to do. 1007 blocks in the book became 1000, and 53 left to sew became 50 etc. The gist of this rather long-winded diatribe is that I didn’t get all the rest of the blocks cut out. However, I did get a good portion done, and I have enough blocks to keep me busy for the rest of the week. If I have another cutting out session Friday night I should be able to be done, and hopefully still finish all the sewing over the weekend.


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