Slowly getting there


Slowly getting there. Very slowly. This week has been speeding by, with nowhere near as much done as I had hoped, as usual. Still there is always tomorrow, and even if I count all 1007 blocks in the book I only have 46 blocks left to go.

At the moment I am very tempted to skip block 934 – Orange peel set. It is 9 orange peel blocks (block 933) put together. I kind of feel in the spirit of things I can skip it if I have done 933, which I have. Is there anything to be gained by doing the set? And does it have to be 9 blocks? In terms of the skills I would learn there is no gain, unless I try 934 using a different technique. Ideally I should have done 934 and skipped 933 but since most of the block sets in the book aren’t listed as numbered blocks I didn’t realise it was one until I started counting in detail. Perhaps I could find 933 and expand on it, but I don’t really fancy searching through my stash of 961 finished blocks to find it, even assuming I still have enough of the same fabric left. I will see how I go, how generous I feel in terms of fabric and time as I get closer towards the end.


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