I need a plan


Have certainly been getting a fair bit done this weekend, but have decided I need a plan, and a schedule. In short I need to get more organised. It’s all very well and good to say I am going to eat more healthily and get more exercise but unless I define what that is it’s going to be fairly hard to achieve. So my job for the week ahead is to come up with a plan. A plan for the healthy eating and a plan for writing and a schedule for how I am going to spend my time. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but it might just work. Having just two big goals last year actually made it easy to decide how I was going to spend my time. I read in the morning and I sewed all the rest of the time. Having 4 goals is harder to juggle. So if I can set some time which I know is time I should be working on goal A or goal B etc I might actually get more accomplished.

But I have made a bit of progress since yesterday. I visited 3 places I had never been before. I needed to go to the hardware store so instead of going to the local one I drove to the new Masters one a bit further away. They didn’t have a skirting board in the size I wanted so I had to go to the local one anyway but they did have a very nice selection of native plants and I bought two. Then I had lunch at Toscanis at Springfield,  a restaurant I hadn’t been to.

The third place I visited is slightly more in the spirit of the goal – I went to the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre. Now I have a nice stack of brochures about places to go near by, and a growing list of prospective visits including loads of information on nearby bush walks so I can knock off two goals at the same time.

I also managed to finish a quilt top this morning. I wasn’t sure at first whether the outer border went with the rest of it, and I thought it was too busy but it is growing on me.


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