travel and worry


Ever since it started raining lots a couple of weeks ago I have had this insane worry about the structural integrity of my house. I have had to resist the urge to spend hours obsessively looking at stains on the walls and the ceilings trying to discover whether they are signs of damp. This is despite having had a building inspection less than a year ago and being told the roof was sound. And despite the fact that my house had a tenant in for 5 years before I bought it and it clearly hasn’t had a new paint job for probably a considerable amount of time before that. There are a fair few stains but you tend not to notice them until you go looking. Which leaves you wondering whether they are new or whether they have been there all along and I just haven’t noticed them.

I guess the real thing I have been worrying about is that if something goes seriously wrong I may need to come up with a significant amount of money to fix it, which was fine because I had a little bit of a nest egg. Had being the operative word, because today I went out and spent it on booking some travel. Well, half of some travel. In order to pay for the other half, not to mention travel insurance, visas, shots and expenses when I get there I am going to have to save every spare dollar I have between now and the 8 August. I may have to resort to eating baked beans on toast for dinner 3 times a week. Though that would probably help with my weight loss goal, so probably isn’t a bad thing.

I am trying to make a conscious decision not to worry about problems that may never happen and to focus instead on the incredible holiday that I am going to have. Six weeks away including my Aunt’s 60th birthday party, the Birmingham Festival of Quilts (I hope), Jordan (including a horse ride through Petra which I have wanted to see ever since I saw it in Indiana Jones) and Turkey.  I maybe able to knock off all 100 places I have never been before in one shot. Well worth a diet of baked beans for 6 months I think.

I have also started writing the novel. I have just over 800 words. Which is pretty atrocious but not bad considering I have just been working on it 15 minutes every morning. And I have another quilt almost cut out and ready to go, I just need to square up about 30 more 4 inch blocks. See picture below. Which includes a diagram of the quilt plan which is like a chain where the 4 inch blocks will be the squares.

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  1. 800 words is pretty good if they’re the right words in the right order. I should add that having a fixed routine like 15 mins a morning is a pretty good way of getting something written.It’ll soon add up (consider an average novel as being say 60 – 80,000 words) That must seem a bit daunting at the moment, but in my experience once you get going things progress much more quickly. Beginings are always tricky and time consuming. The trick is to keep plodding away amd get a complete first draft done (even if there are bits you don’t like much). Then you’ve got something to work on.
    I’s generally said that the secret to good writing is in the rewriting.
    Anyway, best of luck.

    • Thanks. The 800 words do seem to make sense, and I can probably go back and add to them by being a bit more descriptive. I tend to be a bit terse in my writing style. And your right 15 minutes a day and it soon adds up. The trick is to stick with it.

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