My new herb garden


I know. Two posts in one weekend. But I have finished a project and felt the need to show off.

In my attempt to get more exercise I have been trying to do more gardening. It hasn’t really been helping because I get so hungry from all the gardening that I end up eating twice as much, but I figure I’ve got to be building some muscle which will do me good in the long run. Anyway, I’ve finally finished the bit I have been working on. I made a herb garden out the front of my house.

Here is a before and after shot.

It’s probably not as polished as it could be, but not bad considering I only started on Monday.
The pot in the middle is a lemon tree. The weird bits of bare dirt are where I left holes in the mulch for the seeds I planted to sprout.

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  1. Yours is bigger than mine. Whatever you do, don’t plant mint or you will spend half your days pulling up mint from all parts of your garden. Or if you plant it, put it in a pot.

    • Thanks for the tip. I almost bought some mint yesterday but ended up going with Stevia instead. Not entirely sure what I am going to do with the Stevia, but I will experiment. Apparently you can use it for sweetening things instead of sugar.

      • Yes there is a lady who uses it at work (but hers is dried and powdered and comes in a jar). It is supposed to be sweet but with very few calories or something.

        Thyme and rosemary are good to have, if they will grow in your climate. Many useful herbs are annuals though, which I just find annoying 🙂

      • I did put in some thyme and rosemary, but I think it might be a bit too wet up here for them. Plus my soil is heavy clay so not very free draining which doesn’t help

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