Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sewer’s Block


I am having a bit of a sewing block at the moment. For some reason I just don’t want to do it. I thought I might just need to try sewing something that wasn’t blocks, so I got started on a pink lap quilt made from new fabric I picked up at the craft fair. I didn’t get very far. I did however manage to get most of the tangled web that is my computer’s hard drive mostly sorted out. Everything except for the photos, of which I have thousands. It’s a job I have been procrastinating over for more than six months now, which just goes to show how under motivated I am about the sewing.

Sometimes though you have to go with the flow and not push it. So I have a big bundle of trashy novels from the library and a jumper to knit. The sewing will still be there when I am ready. Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission not to do something. If it is really what you want you will come back to it in your own time. 

The new quilt in progress

Stir Crazy


I managed two hours of gardening yesterday morning and have been inside the house ever since. Am starting to go a little stir crazy. I had planned a bush walk, but the grey skies put me off. On the plus side the weather also deterred me from my rather insane plan to wash my curtains this weekend.

The sad thing is that it hasn’t really been raining. Okay it rained a fair bit yesterday but today it has just been the odd shower and the rest of the time it just looked like it was going to rain at any minute. I should just have gone for a walk and taken the risk of getting rained on.

I am starting to feel like I’m not doing anything even though I am.

My BMI is down by .7 and my novel is very slowly getting written (up to 5800 words).

I don’t have any new places on my list but I have been slowly paying off my trip in August, and today I booked my tickets to the Birmingham quilt fair ( Hopefully I will get into the classes that I want to get into. It’s starting to feel like I am actually going on holiday.

While I don’t have any new quilt tops I have pinned and started hand quilting the big quilt I finished a couple of weeks back. This is the one that I want to take with me in August as the 60th birthday present. I had better get cracking as it is so huge. At the moment I feel like it is going to take me forever. I think that is one of the reasons I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I only have a tiny little corner worth of hand quilting done; and because I usually watch TV when I am hand quilting it feels like I have been wasting time, when I haven’t really. Maybe I need to swap the TV for some e-books or some educational podcasts so I don’t feel so mentally under stimulated while I am doing it.

Quilt in the process of being quilted




Dullness and Money


Life is kind of dull at the moment. I haven’t been doing a lot of anything, just pottering really, doing little bits of things. The week hasn’t been improved by really bad hay fever, but I am still slowly crawling forwards one inch at a time. That has to count for something, and I have lost 3 kg so I can’t really complain about that.

I have been trying to do some reading, and I am working my way through “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, which I am finding a bit challenging. It’s not difficult reading but it is from a completely different mindset. I guess the problem for me is that it is based on the premise that everyone can be rich, and if they’re not, it’s because of something they are not doing. I have the feeling that is overly simplistic. Maybe if you are already relatively well off you can become rich but I think that for some people who are really poor, poverty is socially and culturally entrenched. There is this perfect storm of lack of education, and circumstances that would be very hard to get out of.

I also have trouble  imagining a future where everyone is wealthy. Is it even possible for a society to exist where everyone is? I guess it is because in my head I see wealthy people not working, and I suppose that isn’t always the case. Everyone could be wealthy and cleaning their own toilets, and taking it in turns to build roads and houses etc. The other thing is that we live in a world of limited resources. While we can print as much money as we like, that money is only any good at the end of the day if we can exchange it for things we need or want, and if there isn’t enough to go round then we are screwed. Instead of aiming to be rich maybe we should be aiming to be comfortable and sustainable?

Another month gone…


I know February is only short, but it feels like the year is just flying by. There is so much I want to do and I’m nowhere near doing enough. I have really been struggling to get motivated, instead I have just been sitting on the couch reading trashy novels and watching TV. At least I have been getting some knitting done while I watch.

Hat I knitted, while avoiding doing stuff I really should be doing. At least I will have a warm head this winter 🙂

I suppose I am making some slow progress on most of my goals. I am up to 4000 words. I’ve been 7 places I’ve never been before. Blocks are very slowly getting made into things. And I’m finally doing something about the healthy eating thing. With a great deal of apprehension I have joined Weightwatchers online. Keeping track of all your food takes some getting used to, but I think it will at least give me a plan and a target. I am hoping that it if I do it for a couple of months it might become second nature to know whether I am eating balanced and healthy or not.

I guess I am just being my normal, impatient self. It will get done, and as always even if it doesn’t I will get more done than if I had never tried.

Now…I just need to decide whether I think I have enough time to mow my lawn before it starts raining again or whether I am going to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Place I've never been before no 7 was the Ipswich Plant expo. I picked up some more herbs for my herb garden, and some other plants.