Another month gone…


I know February is only short, but it feels like the year is just flying by. There is so much I want to do and I’m nowhere near doing enough. I have really been struggling to get motivated, instead I have just been sitting on the couch reading trashy novels and watching TV. At least I have been getting some knitting done while I watch.

Hat I knitted, while avoiding doing stuff I really should be doing. At least I will have a warm head this winter 🙂

I suppose I am making some slow progress on most of my goals. I am up to 4000 words. I’ve been 7 places I’ve never been before. Blocks are very slowly getting made into things. And I’m finally doing something about the healthy eating thing. With a great deal of apprehension I have joined Weightwatchers online. Keeping track of all your food takes some getting used to, but I think it will at least give me a plan and a target. I am hoping that it if I do it for a couple of months it might become second nature to know whether I am eating balanced and healthy or not.

I guess I am just being my normal, impatient self. It will get done, and as always even if it doesn’t I will get more done than if I had never tried.

Now…I just need to decide whether I think I have enough time to mow my lawn before it starts raining again or whether I am going to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Place I've never been before no 7 was the Ipswich Plant expo. I picked up some more herbs for my herb garden, and some other plants.




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